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Here you will find a bit of information on our projects, with more to be added as time goes by. Eventually, each of these projects will have a dedicated page.

Locale Data:

Locale data is key in the localization of software since it allows developers to tailor their software to suit different locales, i.e. countries or regions. Some examples of what locale data are: the days of the week in a particular language, the date and time format for a country or the currency in use. If locale data for your language is not available, when customizing or installing software on your computer, you are forced to use the "next best" settings, i.e. another language you know (or may not know as well.)


GNOME is a FOSS desktop popular in the Linux world and so we have put it on our list of things to localize.


Inkscape is a free, open source, scalable graphics editor akin to Adobe Illustrator or Freehand. It would be nice to have such quality software available in our languages for the more artistically-inclined minds, so it too is on the list.

Mozilla Firefox:

This free application bundle is the open source counterpart to Microsoft Office that also allows one to both open and save files in Microsoft Office formats. is also on our list.

General Dictionaries:

In addition to technical dictionaries which are natural byproducts of localization, we hope to build general dictionaries of our languages and make them available online.

Pan African Localization  
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